About Paradigm

What is Paradigm?

Paradigm is a casual guild (with a few PvP members) on the Alliance side of Nesingwary. Many of us have extensive experience with downing 10 and 25 man content but have now chosen a more casual approach to the game. We value the player over the purples and enjoy our time hanging out with each other.

Who is Paradigm?

Paradigm was started by a group of transfers from Blade's Edge. Many of us were close friends on Blade's Edge and the same holds true for Paradigm. We value players who strive to constantly improve and keep the good of the team in mind at all times (even if it means passing on an upgrade that's better for someone else or sitting a raid out for another player).

Paradigm's Golden Rules

1. Team first. You Second. Players who maintain this attitude will be given more opportunities regardless of talent or gear. 2. We promote a mature and drama free environment. While many guilds say this, we mean it. The guild we came from on Blade's Edge was one of the few guilds that any of us ever knew that maintained a fairly drama free atmosphere. 3. Always striving to improve. We may not be the top guild on our server, but our members are always trying to be better. Be it a different spec, rotation, or strategy, our best members are always trying to improve. This includes how we treat one another as well.

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